Wedding Cake Ideas

This rustic creation uses an almost naked application of vanilla cake to create a look that resembles the beautiful birch bark. This delicious cake jumps the traditional round row and goes in an octagonal shape that is absolutely covered by vines and flowers.
This cake is perfect for an autumn wedding and is made with autumnal colours and seasonal roses and greenery. One always thinks of turning a classic traditional wedding cake into a stunning centrepiece for the dessert plate. This wedding cake idea is made when you need a cake that matches your bridesmaid’s shoes.
This lightweight, fluffy three-tiered cake is the perfect summery cool option for couples who like a light and fluffy cake with many different colours and textures. Don’t worry, a lot of cakes aren’t just a style, they’re meant to be fun and represent you. Here we’ve collected some of the biggest wedding cake trends of recent years to inspire you. If they don’t fit together, you can be as unique as you like, with a different cake style for each of your wedding guests.
With this sweet, sweet and sweet strawberry-lemon-curd cake you can enrich your special day at the summer solstice with European flair. Cooks is a strawberry-lemon-curd cake with wildflowers for a simple and elegant wedding cake with a light and fluffy consistency.
Add a touch of spring and try the rainbow with this confetti cake topped with sprinkles and doused with vanilla buttercream. Fill tropical plants like pandanas with white chocolate ganache and vanilla buttercream on your wedding day!
The fruity gelatine base makes this cake burst with seven layers of colour, and the buttercream frosting and floral embellishments give it a show – and stop the white cake display. Stay on trend and show off a nude wedding cake with this rainbow-strewn wedding cake that can play on a bubbly coupleas personality in the bright summer months.
Choosing the right wedding cake for your wedding day can sometimes be overwhelming, especially with so many choices to choose from, but weave a guide to take some of the stress out of it. Weave also included a list of more unique and affordable desserts for couples who want to be the main attraction of their wedding, as well as a selection of cake ideas. You can also read about how to budget for cakes and other wedding expenses in our Wedding Costs Guide.
Wedding cakes are undoubtedly a crowd favorite, and of course there are plenty of show-stopping wedding cakes that stop the show in some of the most beautiful ways you can make. Below we’ve listed a few great ideas, though we’re still thinking about what a bespoke wedding cake can be that’s perfectly embellished with a spring sign. If you present this typical white pastry in spring – inspired by style for a change – you will surely get many oohs and aahs.
The classic white cake is practically a blank canvas, and as such it can be transformed into a fascinating spring cake in countless ways. Cupplets Bakery has crafted a beautiful marble effect for a beautiful spring cake, complete with a spring sign on top of the cake and a white background.
A beautiful burgundy dahlia emerges from a white cake, complete with a spring sign on top of the cake and a beautiful white background.
The Vanilla Bakeshop in California has created a dramatic black fondant cake decorated with colourful sugar flowers. You might expect a dark, decadent wedding cake with more savoury flavours on the inside, but you might be surprised that the couple opted for strawberry shortcake. This nude cake definitely has a moment, and it fits perfectly with a rustic country wedding.
Sydney – Australian cake queen Katherine Sabbath is known for her decadent cakes, and this three-tier wedding cake is no exception. The top tier is banana cake, the bottom tier is carrot cake and the cake is decorated with juicy flowers. This two-tiered creation from the New York bakery even has two flavours.
Coloured buttercream, which is painted on the outside of the cake, gives the cake an unforgettable artistic effect and is the perfect accompaniment to the traditional wedding cake.
If you want to get creative with your wedding cake this summer, you need to visit your favorite bakery. Some of the best pastry shops know how to bake delicious and refreshing wedding cakes. A bespoke cake that represents just the right level of elegance could make for a great day.
If you find it hard to choose the right wedding cake for your reception, choose a trio of different styles and flavours. I love to feel in the middle of a beautiful summer or autumn – inspired by wedding cakes. A country wedding can be enhanced with a rustic wedding cake, while watercolour wedding cakes often have soothing features.